DiskWarrior 5.2

Support for Secure Boot, macOS 10.14 Mojave and APFS (Apple File System) in Preview.

September 2018

DiskWarrior 5.1

Initial support for APFS (Apple File System).

April 2018

DiskWarrior 5.0

This 64-bit release was a complete rewrite with a new architecture resulting in significant speed improvements and improved repair and recovery. Added many new features and a new interface.

December 2014

DiskWarrior 4.4

Adds compatibility with external attributes and internal improvements for better and faster repair.

September 2011

DiskWarrior 4.3

Adds OS X 10.7 (Lion) compatibility and numerous internal improvements for better and faster repair.

February 2011

DiskWarrior 4.2

Adds Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) compatibility and additional repair capabilities. The update is also faster than previous versions and adds compatibility with the new 64-bit kernel.

August 2009

DiskWarrior 4.1

Adds Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) compatibility and additional repair capabilities. Among the new capabilities is the ability to repair damaged directory hard links (a new feature of Leopard for Time Machine backups).

January 2008

DiskWarrior 4.0

First Universal Binary release - now works with Intel and PowerPC Macs. The upgrade is also significantly faster than previous versions. DiskWarrior 4 includes an additional suite of file and folder tests, to fix problems before they cause users trouble. It also repairs invalid file permissions and identifies corrupted Preference (.plist) files.

December 2006

MasterJuggler 3.0

A complete rewrite of the professional font management tool, now for Mac OS X, adding many new features, such as drag and drop addition and management of fonts and the ability to preview fonts multiple ways in the MasterJuggler interface.

July 2003

DiskWarrior 3.0

Brings Mac OS X native directory rebuilding. Includes hardware monitoring component to warn of impending drive device failure.

May 2003

DiskWarrior 2.1

Compares old directory with new rebuilt directory and determines if there have been any changes to the number or contents of files and folders. Lists any differences it finds in the DiskWarrior Report by file, making it easier to see what files and folders need to be checked in the preview. If there is a system folder on the disk, ensures that the system folder is blessed. Ability to rebuild Mac OS X disks improved to accommodate the changes made in Mac OS X Public Beta. Checks System and Finder files for damage, eliminates a common cause of system crashes by checking custom icon files for corruption, and repairs the wrapper System file damage recently disclosed by Apple, allowing Macs with these disks to start up.

January 2001

DiskWarrior 2.0

Added DiskShield to make DiskWarrior the only utility to prevent disk directory damage.

January 2000


Only disk directory repair utility to rebuild, rescue, and optimize new disk directories on both Mac OS Standard (HFS) and Mac OS Extended format (HFS Plus) disks instead of trying to patch errors in the existing directory.

November 1998


First disk optimization program for HFS and HFS Plus disks under Mac OS 8.1.

June 1998

PlusMaker / PlusMaximizer

First third-party utilities for Mac OS 8.1 and HFS Plus. Only method available to convert disks from HFS to HFS Plus in place.

January 1998

DiskExpress Pro

Major feature additions including Power Mac native technology, AppleScript support, more powerful disk display, and integrated disk analysis tools.

October 1997

MasterJuggler Pro

Added Font Guardian and font gathering as well as Power Mac native technology to the venerable font management tool.

June 1996

Power To Go

Power management, security, and location settings for the first PowerBooks (Published by Claris Corp. - a subsidiary of Apple, Inc.).

January 1993

Power Utilities

MasterJuggler, DiskExpress, MultiDisk, MenuExtend (Apple Menu enhancer), DiskCheck (disk and directory diagnostic tool), ScreenEclipse (screen saver), and DiskFlash (disk activity indicator).

January 1992

DiskExpress II

Added the exclusive ability to optimize all Mac disks without restarting from a floppy, as well as automatic optimization in the background.

December 1989


First software-based partitioning for the Macintosh that didn't require partitions to occupy contiguous free space and allowed partition resizing.

November 1988


Replaced Font/DA Juggler, adding sounds, fkeys, application and window pop-ups, and many other features too numerous to list here.

August 1988

Font/DA Juggler

First font and DA management utility for the Macintosh.

August 1987


First to allow use of Apple // 3.5 ProDOS disks in Macintosh 800K drives.

January 1987


First disk optimization program for the Macintosh.

August 1986


First dietary analysis and planning program for the Macintosh.



First programming framework for the Macintosh.