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DWBoxWhat Other Features Are There?

DiskWarrior is the only program where there is never a risk of losing directory data and thus never a risk of losing access to your files.

Only DiskWarrior has all of these features:

• Universal Binary for Intel and PowerPC Macs

• Repairs invalid file permissions

• Finds corrupted Preference (.plist) files

• Optimizes, repairs and rebuilds FileVaults

• Tests the length of path names for each item on your drive

• Fully supports case-sensitive file names

• Rebuilds Attribute B-trees

• Repairs and rebuilds Access Control Lists (ACLs)

• Repairs Time Machine backups

• Uses directory data to quickly rebuild the directory structure

• Eliminates risk of losing access to files – other disk "repair" utilities attempt to fix the directory by patching the directory structure and risk deleting sections of the directory

• Scavenges directory to find all salvageable file and folder data, even data contained in damaged nodes

• Eliminates unseen directory errors, preventing minor directory errors from escalating into major problems

• Recovers missing files and folders

• Optimizes directory for maximum directory performance, speeding up overall disk performance

• Monitors drive hardware for potential drive failure

• Verification of replacement directory ensures data integrity

• Comparison of original directory with replacement directory tells you which files and folders may have been affected by directory damage

• Patented preview feature to view what the disk will look like after the directory is rebuilt, allowing you to view files and folders before any directory changes are written to disk

• Repairs damaged boot blocks and blesses the system folder to ensure that the computer will start from the repaired disk

• Checks custom icon files for corruption, eliminating a common cause of system crashes

• Repairs problems with wrapper volume System files caused when HFS Plus disks are initialized under Mac OS 9.0 - 9.0.4

• Safely permits interruptions of any kind, including power outages

• Advanced "Verify Reads and Writes" technology protects your data

• Supports bad block sparing software

• Supports file journaling

Why is DiskWarrior the only answer?

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Click here to learn about DiskWarrior 5.2 and macOS 10.14 Mojave/10.13 High Sierra & APFS

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