What's new in DiskWarrior?
DiskWarrior 4 is now the one utility program that solves all of the common problems you'll likely encounter on your Mac. Just look at these new features:

Universal binary
DiskWarrior 4 works on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Significantly faster
For many disks, directory rebuilding is twice as fast as the previous version.

Repairs invalid file permissions
No need to run more than one utility. Repairing permissions and repairing directory errors are the two most common disk maintenance procedures.

Includes an additional suite of file and folder tests
Finds problems before they cause you trouble.

Identifies corrupted preference (.plist) files
A bad preference file can wreak havoc. Now you don't need to reset all your preferences because a single preference file is bad.

Recovers more data from drives with hardware malfunctions
Recover your important files from most failing drives, possibly saving you thousands of dollars in professional recovery costs.

Detects and repairs more disk problems than ever
The best is even better.

Repairs and rebuilds FileVaults
FileVaults suffer from directory damage too. DiskWarrior is your only choice if you need the data security of a FileVault.

Repairs and rebuilds disk images
Get back the files you thought you had safely tucked away in a disk image.

Fully supports case-sensitive file names
If you use case-sensitive disks then DiskWarrior is your best choice.

Repairs and rebuilds Attribute B-trees
First introduced in OS X 10.4 (Tiger), Attribute B-trees are a new addition to the disk directory. DiskWarrior rebuilds them as easily as it rebuilds the original catalog and extents B-trees.

Repairs Access Control Lists (ACLs)
ACLs are a new permissions model first supported in OS X 10.4. DiskWarrior repairs them too.

Repairs Time Machine backup disks
Time Machine relies on a new directory structure called a directory hard link. DiskWarrior 4 version 4.1 and later repairs damaged directory hard links and can rescue a lost Time Machine backup.

Plus a lot more for only $49.95 plus s/h

Please note that to install DiskWarrior 4, your Mac must start up in OS X 10.3.9 through 10.10.x. This is a change from DiskWarrior 3 which supported older versions of OS X. Please read the system requirements for DiskWarrior 4.

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